When you call on the phone to contact us or come directly to our office, you’ll meet my assistant Yoli. She is responsible for the organization of the work schedule and also takes care of arranging our patients’ appointments.

“BoniDent” works by appointment only !

All examinations and different kinds of treatment are performed within strictly fixed hours so that nobody has to wait. We appreciate your time as well as our.

If you are a new patient, at your first visit Yoli will ask you to fill up a poll (a “medical questionnaire”) with your personal information. You will also have to answer a few questions about your health (past or present illnesses, medications you are currently taking, habits and overall health etc.), which we’ll necessarily take into consideration during your treatment. We will do a thorough examination of the oral cavity; will appoint an X-ray (if needed) and draw up a medical record. The electronic card gives us the opportunity to visualize the current condition of your teeth and allows you to easily follow every single step of your treatment. We update the information about your personal treatment at every single appointment.

At your second appointment we’ll present you with several different types of treatment with their pros and cons. After your approval, we’ll do a financial plan and schedule your visits and payments. One copy of the treatment plan and the financial plan goes directly to your medical chart. You will also be given a copy for your personal use.
Before we start any treatment, every patient has to undergo a manipulation in professional clinical hygiene. That includes scaling of all teeth with an ultrasound, removal of stains caused by food and bacteria and polishing of all tooth surfaces. This helps minimizing the risk of inflammation and further complications. After completing the treatment you’ll be scheduled for check-ups.

Our mission is not only to treat patients with serious complaints (which is expensive enough) but also to turn them into 21st century people, who know the cost of prophylaxis.