”BoniDent” provides you with the opportunity of a complex dental treatment. We have a rich clinical experience and use methods and materials consistent with the latest tendencies in prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases.


- Lessons in oral hygiene (proper use of toothbrush, toothpaste, floss);
- Removal of calculus;
- Polishing of the teeth with AIR FLOW;

Pediatric Dentistry

- Training of kids’ behavior on the dentist’s chair;
- Lessons in oral hygiene (proper use of toothbrush, toothpaste, floss);
- Preventive coverage of the chewing teeth;
- Treatment of the “baby” teeth;

Cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry

- Teeth whitening;
- Bleaching of teeth colored after treatment;
- Bonding – correction of the form, color, size and position of teeth, fixing of the open spaces (diastema) between the teeth;
- Inlaid of decorative dental jewelry (twinkle)

Therapeutic Dentistry

- Composite fillings;
- Aesthetic photopolymer restorations;
- Construction of fractured teeth (inlays);


- Root canal treatment;
- Re-treatment of teeth with improperly performed root canal treatment and complications - granulomas, perforations, broken instruments;
- Microscopic assisted endodontics;


- Fully metal ceramic constructions;
- Ceramic veneers;
- Aesthetic constructions of zirconium ;
- All types of removable dentures (partial, whole);
- Elastic prosthesis VALPLAST;
- Nightquard against bruxism;

Periodontal Diseases

- Gingivectomies;
- Frenulotomies ;
- Treatment of mouth ulcers, gingivitis, periodontitis;
- Treatment of teeth with pathological mobility ;


- Extraction of roots and teeth;
- Operative extraction of wisdom teeth;
- Incision of abscesses and phlegmones;
- Apical osteotomy ;
- Postoperative care – lavage, drainage ;
Although according to the World Health Organization there can’t be given any guarantees in medicine due to the specifics of working with a living organism, we “BoniDent” can guarantee you perfect skills and high qualification. In order to maximize the success of your treatment, the patient must visit his/her dentist for a check-up every 6 months and he also has to follow the advices of the doctor. Otherwise, our mutual efforts, patience and work are going to fail.

Why with us?

We have modern equipment, which combined with the knowledge and experience of the dentist provide quality and painless treatment.


Modern Equipment


Painless Treatment


Always with a smile