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Why with us?

We have modern equipment, which combined with the knowledge and experience of the dentist provide quality and painless treatment.


Modern Equipment


Painless Treatment


Always with a smile

Welcome to the site of “ BoniDent”

private dental practice


You are already here! Why?


– you have a toothache – this is unbearable;

– your filling fell out – that’s uncomfortable ;

– you went crazy the last time you had a hot coffee or an ice-cold coca-cola because of the excruciating pain ;

– you want to have a beautiful smile – this is praiseworthy ;

– you are the 21st century man – you need a prophylactic check up ;

– long story short – you need dental treatment and prevention…

We are absolutely sure that you can find here the necessary information about “BoniDent” and the services and treatment it offers.

“BoniDent” is a dental practice founded in 1996, that has proven itself over the years.
Team “BoniDent” combines the experience and routine, gained through the years of practice, with the energy and enthusiasm of striving for continuous improvement.
Everything in “BoniDent” is done according to the most modern methods and technologies of dental medicine and to a high level of hygiene and disinfection.

On what is based the trust in the doctor of dental medicine ?
In most cases trust is based on the positive feedback of acquaintances and friends about the professionalism and experience of the physician or the well spread reputation of a good dental practice.
“BoniDent” meets all these criteria!

Choosing “BoniDent” you can see yourself that contemporary dental medicine can be pleasant and of high quality and the treatment – a painless process.

Not a single healing process is efficient enough unless you take an active part in it. Even the best doctor can’t help you if you don’t want this to happen. We undertake to inform you so you can be an equal participant in your own treatment. To feel good depends on how you take care of your health. Regular visits to the dentist are an important part of your health care. Our medical practice guarantees professional medical care for adults and children.

I share the believes of my teachers, that the relationship between the doctor of dental medicine and the patient should be basend on mutual trust and respect.

With my work I hope to win your too.

With Regards:

Dr. Boiko Nikolov

Manager of “BoniDent”